About me

Random facts and other incredible things.

Jean-Martin Archer

Vancouver, BC

Say hi!

  • I like taking photos.
  • I like bikes, with pedals, road and mountain.
  • If it's raining too much may as well do some trail running.
  • I like when the computer do stuff for me.
    • Making pretty objects in 3d.
    • The wife somewhat managed to make me like macOS.
    • Python is fun.
    • I do other things like Scala, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS or Angular.js like here)
    • At some point I had to deal with Ruby, Go, R, C, Perl and PHP.
    • I work as a Back-end Software Engineer, dealing with distributed systems, lots of data, analytics, scaling and other fun things like that.
    • I used to review video games, that was kinda cool.
  • I got a degree in mechanical engineering.

More geeky things

Some great tools

Software or service that I use all the time.

Well... Spacemacs, with org-mode, etc.
Sometime, emacs' iedit is not nimble enough multi-cursors and real-time regex feedback is beyond awesome!
Because it's everywhere and very configurable
Mind bending refactoring tool. The support for Java, Python and Scala is amazing.
So much better than Terminal (Mac only)
Some Linux distro
Because managing a server without SSH is a lot of work.
As a general rule, if you can think of a problem somebody else already created a module/library to solve it. Throw some PANDAS (and NumPy) and you got some awesome data analysis tool.
Makes repetitive work a breeze (Windows only).
Autohot key for macOS, but with Lua.
Makes versioning trivial and easy. Github ftw!
The go-to software to process lots and lots of RAW photos.
Other apps

Make chrome shinier

Extensions that make life better.

Makes navigating the interwebs 1000x faster (or at least better) by using the keyboard only (never touch the mouse). It's also teaching you a bit of vim at the same time. Like vim the learning curve can be rather steep.
Google Dictionary
Double click on a word an get the definition.
Hover Zoom
Display full size images when hovering over thumbnails.
HTTPS Everywhere
Checks if the website you are viewing offers HTTPS and forwards you to it if so.
Prettyfies, makes it understandable by a human, serialized JSON.
REST Console
Makes debugging REST APIs much more simple.
Pocket (Web & Android)
Enhanced bookmark system to view pages later on your phone or tablet.
Reddit Enhancement Suite
Makes reddit usable.